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BAA World Championships Rules

2018 BAA World Championship Rules- Hermiston, OR


  1. Registration opens on March 1, 2018. Teams will be launched (Day 1) in order by which registrations and entry fees are received.
  2. Registration should be done at or mailed to Pete Gregoire(BAA Secretary/Treasurer).  Contact him at pete@bowfishingassociation for mailing address.
  3. There will be two categories in which participants can compete: Numbers and Big 10. Entry fees are $200 per category, or $300 to compete in both categories. Entry into the “Big Fish” pot will be $25 per team and must be paid prior to the event.
  4. Registration may also be completed the prior to the event, at the event location (West Park, Hermiston Or.). Registrations fees must be paid in CASH at the event.


  1. 1-4 persons per team, one team per boat. (no passengers)
  2. Each team member must be a member of the BAA
  3. Each team vessel must have the proper registration papers and registration numbers.
  4. Each team member must have the proper state fishing license.
  5. Each team member must wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket anytime the boat is running on plane.


  1. Each team must have a boat and bowfish from that boat. No shooting fish while wading. Wading is only allowed to retrieve gear. While retrieving gear your bow must stay in the boat.
  2. Each team will be allowed the use of only one boat during the tournament. If mechanical trouble requires the use of another boat, that boat must be inspected prior to leaving the tournament site. (you may have multiple boats for back-up, but they must all be inspected before they are allowed to leave for replacement)
  3. If you have a boat go down during the tournament, you may bring the boat back to the tournament site to switch out boats, but all team members must come and switch out boats at the site.
  4. Each boat must have the following safety equipment: (running lights, fire extinguisher, one throw able life preserver, horn/whistle, life jackets-one per person, unless the hosting state requires additional items then it will be required also.
  5. All airboats/fan boats must have a suitable shroud protecting the fan blade. Anything questionable will be brought before the BAA board that is in attendance at the tournament.
  6. All boats will be subjected to a random inspection by the tournament officials 36 hours prior to and until the end of the tournament.
  7. It is the responsibility of each team to know weight limits and capacities for their boat. Anyone found guilty of disobeying these laws by the DNR or other government agencies will be disqualified for the WORLD SHOOT.
  8. For safety reasons, a team may drop off equipment (to insure that boats are not overloaded), provided that all team members leave the landing and all team members and their fish returns for their weigh in.
  9. If you break down and cannot get back to the check-in point by your own means, you can get towed back to the launch site by another boat, but your team and your team’s fish must not leave your vessel. Boat must return to the tournament site.
  10. If you are towed back by another boat that is in the tournament, the boat towing will not be penalized, but needs to be back in a fair amount of time, or call one of the officials to help with recovery measures. We ask that if towing time will be more than one hour past time, please call so as to not hold up the weigh in.
  11. The BAA is in no way responsible for towing back to the tournament site, though we will get help sent out to you as soon as possible.


  1. Fish entries must be taken with bow (compound, recurve, longbow.) and a single point arrow only.
  2. All arrows must have a line attached to it for retrieval, and line must be attached to the bow.
  3. No hollow shaft hunting arrows may be used during the tournament.
  4. No fish points or arrow with explosive or other shocking devices are allowed.
  5. No nets, gigs, or gaffs or large amounts of ice will be allowed in the boats.
  6. No baiting or chumming of fish before or during the tournament.


  1. Officials will check all boats and only then will a boat be allowed to leave the tournament site.
  2. Trailering will be allowed.
  3. All boats will leave when their number is called by the starting official, and in the order in which the entries were received.
  4. All teams must lunch from a public boat ramp.
  5. Inclement weather, Mother Nature is not always the most forgiving. In the case that inclement weather jeopardizes the safety of participants, the tournament board may elect to take action to reduce the risk. If this occurs prior to the start of the event tournament board will refund any participant’s entry fee that requests it. If the inclement weather occurs after the start of the event, no refund of entry fees will be given. It will then be the judgment of the participant to determine if he/she will continue on with the competition.
  6. Red Zones: “Red Zones” and “No Shooting Zones” will be marked prior to the tournament


  1. Alcoholic beverages are PROHIBITED during tournament hours.
  2. Any citation form the hosting states Fish and Game department may disqualify the participants from the tournament. It is not the responsibility of the BAA or the tournament directors to enforce state or federal fishing/boating laws, but any citations or violations issued from hosting state waterway law enforcement may result in disqualification. (This will be up to the tournament committee, which consists of the tournament director and BAA officers present, which must be an odd number).
  3. Scouting may be done anytime. Any boat that is on the tournament water with bows, arrows, nets, gigs, or gaffs in the boat 72 hours prior to the tournament will be DISQUALIFIED, unless otherwise decided by the tournament director/ officers for that event.
  4. Sportsmanship, Basic unwritten rules of good sportsmanship will be expected during the tournament. Common sense, and respect to other teams is a must in order to insure a good time be had by all. Giving way in narrow channels and staying at respectable distance from other boats can’t always be monitored, so good judgment, common sense, and being respectful to other teams reflects solely on each of us as sportsmen. Sportsmanship also includes following all the rules of the tournament. All contestants must sign the registration form which states that they have read and will follow all the rules of the event.





  1. A “Weight Card” with the team number will be given to each team prior to the beginning of the tournament. It will then be the responsibility of the team to return their “Weight Card” to the fish counter prior to counting that teams fish. Teams will assist in the counting and removal of fish from the counting area.
  2. Only Common Carp will be accepted for the total fish count.
  3. It will be the responsibility of the TEAM to determine the largest fish from the count to be both weighed by tournament officials to be used for the tie-breaker.
  4. Anyone not back at the launch site at the pre-determined time will have the following consequences: For “Numbers” the team will be docked one fish per minute up to 30 minutes, after 30 minutes, that team will be disqualified. For “Big 10” the team will lose one fish out of their “Big 10” per minute up to 10 minutes.


  1. The winning team will be decided by the total numbers/weight of fish shot by each team, depending on designated category for each division.
  2. Certificates, cash, or merchandise will be given away to the team shooting the biggest fish (by weight) each day.


  1. Protest during the WORLDS SHOOT may be brought up one hour before the awards ceremonies, and to the tournament committee with a fee of $100.00. If the protest is found to be warranted, the protest fee will be refunded. Fee must be paid before protest can be filed.
  2. Disqualification, Any team or participant that is caught breaking the rules, “cheating”, or behaving in a manner that jeopardizes the safety of others will be disqualified from the event. In such instance the team will forfeit their entry fees and possibly be banned from future BAA events.