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BAA Records

Welcome to the Bowfishing Association of America records page. Here you’ll find records of BAA members and their trophies. You must be a BAA member to hold a BAA record.  

BAA State and World Record Application Requirements

1. All applicants must be a current member of the BAA
2. Fish must be weighed on a certified scale - see below for more tips and suggestions:
3. Name
4. Address
5. Phone Number
6. Species of fish harvested - No Hybrids.
7. Date Harvested
f. Weight
g. Length
h. State Harvested
i. Pictures of fish ON certified scale. Even video if you can provide it.
j. Send all questions or record applications via email to
h. Please allow 1-2 weeks to process.


Tips on scales and weighing your fish:

1. We suggest you contact your local Co-Op to weigh your fish. Put your fish on water and take it to get weighed. Just make sure to tell them Thanks! They are not required to do this service. 
2. Make sure to take as many photos as you can. Please make sure the scale is zero'ed out if your using a container, rope or anything else besides the fish. 


3. We will accept fished weighed on the Klau Industrial Digital Hanging Scale. (300 kg / 600 lb model SF-918) that you can purchse from  You will need to also purchase a CAP Barbell 2-Inch Olympic 2.5 LB Grip Plate from
4. Before you weigh your fish, you will need to video the scale being zeroed out before the fish being weighed,  make sure to weigh the 2.5 LB plate so we can see the weight, then zero out the scale and weight your fish. This must all be recorded.  Please UPLOAD to YOUTUBE and send us the link.
5. Make sure you keep the scale in a dry box.
6. We use the NTEP Intelligent Intell-Weigh APM-60 Bench shipping Scale, that you can purchase from 
7. We also have a stainless steel 1 lb calibration weight with the NIST Tracable cerrtificate that we can use to help certify your club scales. See Jeff Neiball about this.